Mozilla Update

Mozilla Update

“Mozilla Update”- Mozilla Firefox Update Channels Change

“Mozilla Update” browser uses different channels to deploy different updates. Automatically updated if the latest beta version of the channel, I want to test changes.

          Update Channel Selector Mozilla: Add-ons Update Channel Selector can change the channel after you install the update

“Mozilla Update” back and forth between different update channel always provides the user with the opportunity to switch. Mozilla’s latest update for Exchange profile is simple. Relevant to the address bar, type: config, prompt and confirm the value search in the search bar. Click to duplicate article. Then the standard, beta, ESR, Aurora or change the value of the free night. Then, will launch the latest version of Mozilla’s update time will be downloaded and installed.

If you want to leave nothing to chance “Mozilla Update”, then such an extension as 1.6 Update Channel Selector can use. Setup the [Alt] key and then from the menu select “About Mozilla Update Help>.” There is a list of channels to choose from immediately after the update, and it’s an update. So the update for Mozilla update also be equal.

On the other hand, if you want all future profile updates to change the channel, then do not miss the program files and a Mozilla Update the installation path Mozilla, usually C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Mozilla Firefox \ defaults \ pref \ channel – the file prefs.js. This line you prefer (, release) appropriate; to update the desired channel.


Mozilla Update