Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

“Mozilla Firefox” – Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox free source tool to download the latest version of Germany’s most popular browsers. These features bring the future of Mozilla Firefox.

Internet Explorer has long established competitors such as Mozilla Firefox – it surpassed Microsoft browsers in the discipline. “Mozilla Firefox” is not only for falls than the competition, even at the speed of the fox took the lead.



Mozilla Firefox: Tools addons thanks

A vibrant community of open source projects developed by continuously and has been further developed. Too many extensions, you can enjoy their popularity and proliferation of Mozilla Firefox can increase the default function. Their way into a wide range of practical developments and download Mozilla Firefox to download you can find.

Mozilla Firefox: Continuous improvement

“Mozilla Firefox” any version passes through various stages of development. If the night, Aurora and common users interested in beta version before the official release to test new features, such as. Known vulnerabilities are corrected within a few hours, so you can surf safely.

Currently Version

Mozilla Firefox comes with no visible changes, but only under giderir.kaput vulnerabilities VP9 only new feature is support for audio codec. One Touch for Windows 8 – opimiert version has been postponed. All changes and new features as soon as they are available, can be found in the official release notes.

All changes and new features as they become available, can be found in the official release notes.

This ” Mozilla Firefox ” After an extremely long development period for a faster version takvimisonra earlier Firefox versions of the browser version is not a secret that call . Therefore, now issued as a Beta . Some programs install, setup a mapping ileayn Mozilla Firefox add-on. For this to happen, does not go unnoticed , Mozilla Firefox provides more control during installation . Use plug-ins or to delete them – ” Mozilla Firefox ” add-ons from third party tarafındankurulu disabled until after the leaves have made a choice .
” Mozilla Firefox ” Anyone interested in the future us to download the version you can find Nightly and Aurora . When you first run the new functions , but sometimes unstable.

Mozilla Firefox Update : New Design

Version finally brings some fresh air : a new design theme Australis tabs and menus, new Mozilla Firefox Sync is ausprobierb change vetarayıcınızıngörünüm – Windows 8 Start -friendly version is available , though this function is set to be the fact . I all new notes issued as soon as possible , can not be found .


No other browser speed, safety, comfort, and good spreadability such as Mozilla Firefox combine. If you want to stay on the latest developments in Firefox acres, this beta version is hard to watch. If you are undecided if you are afraid to download pre-release versions, the current latest version is better.


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