Mozilla Firefox Update 2014

Mozilla Firefox Update 2014

“Mozilla Firefox Update 2014”- Mozilla Firefox Firefox Update 2014 provides full control of your web experience. A streamlined user interface, fun features, improved performance and the latest web technologies open in 2014, the future of the Mozilla Firefox Web provides updated.

2014 Update Mozilla Firefox App Tabs and Panorama easier and more efficient with features such as a simplified look and makes it easy to browse the Web. “Mozilla Firefox update 2014” Sync, the Awesome Bar browser, bookmarks, open tabs and passwords on computers and mobile devices integrated to give access to the course.

“2014 update Mozilla Firefox” Do Not Track privacy and respect and with new features such as Content Security Policy protects your security. Mozilla Firefox Update 2014 until now 2014 fast Mozilla Firefox will update provides performance improvements. You start-up time, load time and performance for Web applications and games will be noticed.

To customize the appearance of hundreds of thousands of available add-ons, features and functions are Weberlebnisses. Mozilla Mozilla Firefox Add-on Builder 2014 Update easy for web developers to create plug-ins do.

In 2014 update Mozilla Firefox HTML5 features, developers can create fun web applications and web sites. High-definition and 3D video (WebM), hardware-accelerated 3D graphics and offline data storage, professional typography, touchscreen interfaces, CSS animation, and Mozilla – “Mozilla Firefox update 2014” HTML5 includes support for Audio API and much more. “2014 update Mozilla Firefox” for developers to create Web that brings all the amazing, unpredictable, changing the world the next generation of web applications.

Mozilla Firefox Update 2014 speaks your language. Mozilla Firefox Update on Android in 2014 in more than 10 languages ​​for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux in over 85 languages.


“Mozilla Firefox update 2014” developed by Mozilla Firefox, Internet category in 2014 update, a free software. Last month, 1,148,692 times in 2014 for updates Mozilla Firefox Update Update client application checks users. The latest version was released on 19.03.2014, is 28.0. The first version was added to the database on 28/08/2007. “2014 update of Mozilla Firefox is installed on computers with Windows XP/2000 Pro / Server 2003/Vista/2000 Server / Server 2012 2008/7/8/Serv one of the operating system. Download must be running 20.8 MB file size.