Mozilla Firefox os

Mozilla Firefox os

“Mozilla Firefox os”Android phones dominating the market! However, the amount of network operators to search. Mozilla Firefox OS in the smartphone market so large role.

With over 78 percent of Android phones nearly a billion smartphones were sold worldwide last year, which dominate the market. Apple with 15.6 percent share in the second stage. Microsoft only 3.2 per cent when it comes to the BlackBerry has slipped less than two percent. When Statistics, market researcher Gartner, “Other” hidden, less os Mozilla Firefox come together under one percent.

Finally, the two smartphone makers Samsung and Apple rule that operators try with Mozilla Firefox os has led the network. “Duopolies is not a good thing,” Telefónica CEO César Alerta “Mozilla Firefox OS to start” he said. In fact, Samsung and Apple Mobilfunkern extent dictate the terms. The new competition, its prospects, the top dogs are a bit more modest.

However, this Mozilla Firefox operating system is still very weak. , No Mozilla Firefox OS smartphone if I knew an alternative system to sell most operators. Maybe with a wider range of devices, but to change the future. ZTE launched two new mobile phones Mozilla Firefox OS, the Alcatel even featured three new phones and tablets. In addition, Huawei smart phone now sells Firefox.

$ 25 smartphone operating system, Firefox may be questioned whether the expected dynamics. Manufacturers only radio chips, the second generation (2G) mobile generation sparks, so even at this price data, modern 3G or 4G network can be significantly slower.

There growth rate is higher than in the U.S. or in Europe, because in fact, India, China and South America as well as countries are becoming increasingly important. But many buyers, with more than $ 500 for their flagship smartphones Samsung and Apple can not demand to raise prices.

Mozilla Firefox OS – developers struggle to promote

Whether through a smart phone system, decides on the selection of apps. Apple and Google app stores, in any case, there is no more than a million applications. The attacker, so the fight, especially in favor of developers. will need
Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Foundation, which develops behind the Mozilla Firefox browser, os operating system, it is easy for programmers to do. Since the system is based on the popular HTML5 web technology, many developers only need to think about. There are many mobile sites basically do this.

In fact, many applications for iPhone and Android phones are written first and then the system will be converted to HTML5. In this way, a windfall gain, Mozilla hopes can be set. Who writes an app for Android or iPhone, you can provide the same Mozilla Firefox operating system.