Mozilla Firefox FREE Download 2015

Mozilla Firefox FREE Download 2015

“Mozilla Firefox FREE Download 2015”: Claim the best free open source browser Firefox new version, not only safe, but also quickly and take advantage of the numerous internet multitude eye development.

There are free web browser Mozilla Firefox to download the current version 36.0 and includes many new features and improvements. Mozilla Firefox, long a large user and developer community with open source concept with the old Microsoft Internet Explorer browser which will suspend the standards and benefits.

Firefox Version History – an overview

Firefox 5, Firefox 6.0 jump was a big hit. Firefox 7.0 finally came against one of the most common complaints: Firefox is very slow. Mozilla Firefox 8, especially the completely revised Extension Manager in the right place, screw the support than Google, and definitely worth a download. Firefox 9 changes, bug fixes, and type inference has accelerated again with the scanner.


Firefox 13 is particularly suitable for users to speed on the net value of importance. And dangerous vulnerabilities in Firefox 14, but scots only connect through HTTPS browser Google search support. In particular versions of graphics and display enhancements made 15 and 16 updates, as well as improved speed. And the version for 17 Facebook integration. Mozilla version 19 for the first time in an integrated PDF reader latest version. Firefox 20 has been revised vigorously download manager. Performance data for the various transmission Mozilla Firefox 21 Firefox Health Report (FHR), the most important innovation. Who does not want to disable transmission. Version 22, WebRTC technology without any additional programs, which allow to use web camera and microphone are integrated. Versions 29 and learned optical scanner complete overhaul, “australis”, code-named. Update 30 and 31-browser code in order to speed up the execution of the garbage collector, including, therefore, came with only minor changes, though.