Mozilla Firefox Download 2016

Mozilla Firefox Download 2016

The latest and greatest version of Firefox! Mozilla Firefox is one of the world’s most popular web browsers and Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser in the market (one of the IA), which ended the reign of the first.


Mozilla Firefox first came out when the scene was truly change the way people surf the web. Today, Firefox continues to be an extraordinarily powerful and customizable browser; but rival Google Chrome is certainly as good.



New features

Mozilla Firefox 14, the latest version of the popular web browser and a number of important and welcome new feature brings with it. Firstly, faster and more secure browsing experience by the company argues. Testing, Mozilla Firefox indicate that even the most graphics-intensive pages have the latest version installed definitely fast.

Firefox 14 now includes secure connectivity to enhance privacy while doing a Google search and URL bar area has updated identification indicator. While no longer silent updates for Windows users, Mac users can use Lion or later the Firefox full-screen mode.

Mozilla Firefox’s new tab layout is quite a new feature that stands out. Very similar to the Google Chrome browser, Firefox users will encounter no longer with icons that provide a new tab is opened when the most recently accessed items from bookmarks instead see a blank page and the most frequently visited up to the site quick access.

These icons Mozilla Firefox also fully customizable. You can drag it to where you want them in your page by clicking on the relevant tab. If you do not like a lot of them, going to the grid icon at the top of your browser, you can delete them entirely.

Mozilla Firefox 14’s interface is not very different from previous versions, but added features as a whole is certainly more pleasant, offers a more enjoyable browsing experience.

Mozilla Firefox Download 2016


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