Mozilla Firefox 2019

Mozilla Firefox 2019

“Firefox 2019” stands out as one of the most successful sailors in the world by the rapid page loading, ease of use, comprehensive security features and a wide range of plug-ins. Example, you can specify which sites are allowed to store cookies or query your location. In “private” surf the Web without leaving any traces remaining on your computer. Synchronization “Sync” online keeps bookmarks and passwords on laptop devices, iPhone, iPad or Android on the same page. About “services” display with “Firefox” mouse click interesting pages on Facebook or Twitter.

About Firefox 2019

A With Google Chrome and Internet Explorer “Firefox” the most popular Internet browsers worldwide. The free program open source can handle all current web standards such as HTML5 and CSS3, and owes its success not least a well thought out security concept: While inexperienced users can expect reasonable values ​​are professional in browsers Mozilla several functions like a cookie and -Management rights available. At the same time contain “Firefox 2019”, a JavaScript modern engine, which is used when viewing PDF documents.


Group websites

“Firefox 2019” offers a range of practical features that facilitate the daily work: To complete a autocompletion already while typing in the address bar the rest of the field. These few letters usually already rich to open a requested Web page. The “group of tabs” lets you view all open tabs in a browser window. So you are always with many open pages, the overview. To save memory and speed up starting the browser, invites “Firefox” Web sites, but only when you return to the tabs. Another feature of “Firefox” are the so-called “App Tabs”. Here is a tab open on request is minimized to a small icon in the tab bar. If you disturb websites with music or voice, clicking the speaker icon in the tab is sufficient and is already posed.