How to delete Firefox Browsing History

How to delete Firefox Browsing History

“How to delete Firefox Browsing History” Delete Firefox browsing history – How – “Delete browsing history Firefox” Clear Recent Scan, search and download history

“Firefox How to delete browsing history” of a site you have visited or favorite sites username and password, you are reminded that this data is referred to as the story. If you share a computer with someone or using your computer, but if others want to see where these things can not be.

How to delete browsing history in Firefox – This article describes the data stored in the browser history, and for everything you delete or part, gives a step-by-step instructions. To delete Firefox Browsing History – on the street, for a limited time on the internet, to be specific scanning the article to view any information about you is stored – the pages you’ve visited on the web surfing with no data.

How can delete the history?

1.   A. How to Clear History button, click the Firefox browser, go to the History menu and select Clear Recent History window’s top edge of the “How to Delete Firefox browsing history, click on” ….

2.   Select the story how you want to delete:
For the “How to Delete Firefox browsing history” to delete the story while you select from the list. You date of the last hour, the last two or four hours, days, hours chronic (today’s Chronicle), or all chronic (all) you can delete.
The story will be deleted to select which data click on the small arrow next to Details. All or individual elements are described in more detail above, can select.

3.   Click Clear Now. Select window closes and all the data will be deleted.

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