Firefox OS

Firefox OS

“Firefox OS”- Mozilla Foundation Mozilla Firefox offense a year later that year after the introduction of the mobile phone sets will bring to market a smartphone for $ 25. As a partner, the Chinese manufacturer has selected Spreadtrum Foundation. Just enter a 25 dollar smart when manufacturers do not say.

Firefox Mobile OS device operating system is now available in 15 countries. “At the end of the year will be 27 countries,” Jay Sullivan, held in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress (MWC) at the beginning of Mozilla Firefox OS ‘manager said. Devices in 15 countries “Firefox OS”, the fact that there is already a moderate success. So far, because there were few buyers choice. Not playing software on their devices, even a handful of manufacturers. Only ZTE, to geekspho, Alcatel and LG Firefox was one of the providers.

However, the foreign system seems to have struck a nerve. Spanish operator Telefonica Firefox phones, smart phones already in Venezuela accounts for twelve percent of sales was reported. There were nine percent in Colombia.

Firefox OS-based HTML5 web technology

In these markets, Firefox güçlü.siste a mobile phone operating system to its extremely economical with resources to an agreement based HTML5 web technology Firefox OS: A Firefox OS smart phone works with cheaper components and a weak processor.

In this way, prices for Firefox smart chips significantly less than 100 euros. Google’s Android operating system can not keep up with the iPhone and phones. These systems not only with chips so cheap that there was nothing, requires too much memory and processing power.

Barcelona 18 years ago, Firefox OS to launch mobile network operators Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica, América Móvil, China Unicom, Hutchison, Sprint, Telecom Italia and Telenor Firefox OS, including to announce was forced. Four of them offer more to follow this year, there are already devices.

Spain, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil, are now starting to sell Firefox OS mobile phones Telefónica last July. Deutsche Telekom, Poland, Greece, Hungary and Germany also provides Congst Firefox smart respective parties. Telecom Italia sells devices in their own country. And Telenor Serbia, Montenegro and Hungary Firefox was introduced.

     Firefox OS phones can make up

Thus, the “Firefox OS” for the first time to the Internet using their mobile phones aimed smart buyers. Firefox OS phones that can do all the other smart phones, internet, e-mail, surfing, movies, photos, surf and play.

Firefox Firefox OS Market Place own phones, new applications can be downloaded on the device there. Unlike Firefox, Apple’s iPhone and Android mobile phone users can install apps from other sites intelligent.

Attract a developer, in this way they market an App-Store apps without even sending. There they will remain for always check delays have strict rules.