Firefox OS, now officially for No Phones!

Firefox OS, now officially for No Phones!

Firefox OS is being developed and Alcatel announced that since the company was trying to make out the brand new operating system on the phone.

Firefox OS is being developed since it was announced and Alcatel trying to make out with a brand new operating system of the phone. Now the company can not catch a big output, failed to resolve the problems in the muscle Firefox OS. Eventually recently from the ‘official’ according to a statement Firefox, Firefox OS has announced that stopped the submission and distributed by shipping companies.
This movement from Mozilla that they “offer the best user experience” that they failed to thoroughly understand the operating system may no longer due. Companies now seems to be pursued in a way to meet losses.

Firefox OS for smartphones just going!

Firefox OS, did not experience offering high since announced. In addition, the only network-based applications and run virtually anyone could use. Unfortunately he did not achieve any major success.

According to preliminary statement, it said to include smartphones this stop. Because the operating system and will have to serve the different devices. In addition, according to company officials Ari Jaaksi Firefox OS project, “A genius is an open source project” is able to continue his life.

Let’s see what will come even though we face in the future?


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