Firefox Marketplace

Firefox Marketplace

“Firefox Marketplace”Challenge: Mozilla Firefox Web-based branch of the many known applications market offers.

Firefox OS Firefox Firefox market and serves as the official app provider. Here it is in fact in this web site you will find thousands of applications. Look like real applications and also accessed by web standards, but was adjusted so that the smart phone hardware use. Apps must be installed Firefox, therefore, to begin a second part, and so far there is always. Open Firefox from the actual browser is not anything else to see.

Applications to install Android, Windows, Mac OS or Linux OS or Firefox, or is required. Some applications such as YouTube and Facebook, but only Firefox OS are working on currently. Firefox for Android, you can find installed applications in the settings menu and select “Tools”. From there you can put applications on the main screen smartphone.

Mozilla Firefox Market Place for International Age to introduce age ratings Evaluation Coalition (IARC) has been working with. According to Mozilla users the option of what content is appropriate for them and not for what they should be to determine. Therefore, Firefox IARC evaluation on Apr. 15, 2014 in the market that require all applications. Firefox Apps Without such an assessment out of the market after this date will be deleted.

Firefox market

After receiving this review is a matter of minutes. Firefox developers at the Market Square developers building applications for them, and then the IARC evaluation tool are available for their applications. It finally on the need for appropriate PEGI, USK in Germany or in other reviews depending on the region where they are produced by selecting predefined answer a few questions need to be answered. Currently supported PEGI and USK well as other international and CLASSIND ESRB rating system to follow. Firefox Marketplace sequentially applied first AppStore Reviews IARC, is.

Germany and Brazil all distributed digital games that require an age limit for there are very strict rules. Firefox market so far in the game was allowed to be shown in Germany or Brazil, App Reviewer prevailing in the area concerned had to make assessments. With the new system, developers can even use the assessment is valid for the entire region.

Systems operated by self-assessment, but always Shuffle is related to applications and is the IARC evaluation. App reviewers also possible unnecessary differences between assessment and response app content.