Firefox for Android

Firefox for Android

“Firefox for Android”- Android Mozilla Firefox Internet browser for Android smartphones and tablets, has released the latest version

“Firefox for Android” OS with a mobile version of the popular desktop browser. The Android version of the browser uses the same engine as its big brother, extensions and completely touchpad comes with a lot of needs in terms of the user interface has been optimized.


Bookmarks, page history, tabs, passwords, form data, and in no time, including extensions to the mobile version of the desktop allows you to take all the settings of your browser for Android Firefox Sync, Firefox integrated. In addition, you can easily add bookmarks to your Android home screen. Firefox for Android web pages directly from the home screen then can be called with a single click. Mozilla browser also provides special screening for the individual tabs. Firefox for Android, among other things, history, and bookmarks, most visited pages with the new “Firefox for Android” brings you to the main screen. In addition, Bing and Yahoo search engines than Firefox for Android. No longer…

Firefox for Android default browser on Android devices (Mobile Add-ons keywords) vardı some advantages over the down-tempo “Firefox for Android” is grown now. In particular, the “Firefox for Android” has convinced synchronization with the desktop version. Mozilla “Firefox for Android” was yayımladı.masaüs version of Firefox for Android app offers now as well VP9 codec (video) and Opus (Audio) support. HTML5 mobile version control in the media was purchased new horizontal bands. In addition, the marking is no longer used is the sound of cutting and pasting text.

Android new features, Firefox, and Opus codec support for VP9,
HTML5 audio and video files, Improved marking, cutting and pasting text, AwesomeBar horizontal illustrated volume controls for new entries now automatically solve their preview view.