Firefox Browser for Android

Firefox Browser for Android

“Firefox Browser for Android”- Firefox, the Firefox browser for Android innovation

To facilitate users as a function of open tabs is sharing content. For this purpose, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, SMS or e-mail for forwarding as removed parts containing zuleztgenutzt an icon next to the service menu of your browser. If the same media you want to use existing content based on Google’s mobile operating system, Near Field Communication Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled smart phones and tablets between the supports also can be changed, the corresponding selection here created. However, the fire is installed in each device Android only the rear side, are held together.

In addition, the updated Firefox browser for Android “Firefox for Android” offline reading mode and a serif to a sans serif font toggles. In addition, energy conservation theme for a dark screen with white text on a black background will be selected. This change depending on the ambient light is performed either manually or automatically.

  New Releases Firefox browser for Android

Android Mozilla Firefox browser as you scroll down recently lost control automatically had a dyanmisch navigation bar. This “Firefox for Android” takes advantage of more space for content. Activation with one swipe from top to bottom has reached the address bar.

Also when entering a Web address auto-completion, provide the address bar. Firefox Browser for Android – practice, or to Switch Tab Tab function. If you have an open tab into the address bar located in a period, then the message with Switch for Android Firefox browser tab shows the corresponding tab in the search results. So much for the simple reason reopening the site, avoiding the already open tabs.

Since Firefox browser for Android for Android, it is possible to set the default search engine provider. To do this, select the menu Tools – Add-ons. A provider with a long click, disable the context menu with options and then set it as the default to open. In addition, support for Android Firefox for Android iGoogle and My Yahoo subscribe to RSS feeds. Subscription to betreffo site offers an RSS feed, press and hold in the address bar, a context menu appears with the option. I just want RSS feeds and services (iGoogle or My Yahoo) to select.