Firefox Android

Firefox Android

“Firefox Android”- Firefox for Android Firefox web browser for mobile devices brings the best surfing in desktop PCs

It’s fast, easy to use and Firefox Android the same time, the latest security and privacy features helps you to stay safe online.
Internet browser “Firefox for Android” Functions:

SPEED – Go online and you’ll find what you’re looking for quickly.
SYNC – the desktop browser history, bookmarks, passwords, and access from any device on tabs.
ADVANCED SECURITY – privacy, security, and on the Internet, check the amount of data disclosed.
SMART SCREEN – browse your favorite web sites, and no little or no typing.
Nice, easy to read pages confusing Automatic conversion – Read mode.
ADD-ONS – Set your browser the way you want.

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     About Firefox for Android

Mozilla power of the internet in people’s hands are required to maintain a non-profit organization is proud. We are trying to bring about change in meaning users are a global community of writers and developers. If the “Firefox Android” If you use to be a part of this community and help us to create a better future for the Internet will be. Learn more.

New features of Firefox for Android

If a new tab or typing in the URL bar when you open the new home screen is displayed when starting Firefox Android. Firefox for Android Android users now view the top sites, thus, have history or bookmarks.
Also, Bing and Yahoo Firefox Android is available for Android. Users of web search on mobile devices offers more control and more choices.