Firefox 2014 For Windows

Firefox 2014 For Windows

“Firefox 2014 For Windows” – Firefox Mozilla Firefox browser for Windows was abducted a fresh look. New user interface for Firefox for Windows: Mozilla and Firefox browsers with Windows finally starts again for a long-awaited managed, what can you do, offer practical test shows

Every six weeks, the new version of Firefox 2014 For Windows; There are stunning new rare. If you’re excited about it: the highly anticipated Australis design, Firefox 2014 For Windows. In the summer appeared the first draft of the new user interface. Windows, “Firefox 2014 For Windows” for the fall, now technical problems, then the green light is planned has been postponed several times. “Firefox 2014 For Windows” and in 2014, he no guarantees Australis including the final version of the design, is still in the beta stage. In general, beta changes already mature enough.



Firefox 2014 For Windows ?

” Firefox 2014 For Windows ” is already probably the most nety NEW Australis menu tabs is designed to vesenekproje island , has donated a new download window . The first reboot eye-opening effect is probably limited time . Firefox 2014 For Windows Cause: Chrome new tab icon design strong carbide remember at first glance . Only upon closer inspection I noticed.
New scanner, on the other hand stands out clearly : Thank clearly labeled function keys , Windows, ” Firefox 2014 For Windows” iknasezgisel control .

Just a few Firefox 2014 For Windows

To facilitate the process , but also provides for şeylerinuyu at least limit appears to reduce the checks directly from the browser . Windows Firefox toolbar changes for 2014 are falling. Personalizability raising the bar for buttons for Windows 2014 and has donated more revised Firefox 2014 For Windows . If you decide to lock users into intuitive menu items . As an introduction to a new look , a tour Options ” Firefox 2014 For Windows ” .

Sync Firefox 2014 For Windows

Now a standard data sync function – We took advantage of a program in a computer , smartphone and tablet on hangiza cloud. How to apply reasonable for this browser , Chrome shows : Google already with Firefox 2014 For Windows , there are flowers everywhere .

If you need a long board if you are not bulky , Firefox 2014 For Windows , there was a synchronization service . Numbers speak for themselves : so far , “Firefox 2014 For Windows” can use only one percent . Windows 2014 , new Mozilla provides Firefox Sync for Windows . Different devices, bookmarks, history, settings , and Co Firefox 2014 For Windows , when you set up a supposedly required subsequently to share among. Specifying an e -mail address and your password is sufficient.

” Firefox 2014 For Windows ” feature initially only for users who are not yet active . Windows 2014 , Windows’unb for the next version of Firefox 2014 For Windows Sync new users will be forced to change .