Download Mozilla Firefox 2016

Download Mozilla Firefox 2016

Synchronizing with a laptop, iPhone and Tablet

If you do not want to go without your collected bookmarks, provides the “Sync” option to “Firefox” ,. A free “Firefox” favorites transfers account provided “Sync”, add-ons and browser settings across multiple computers and compares the data on a regular basis. So you can just as comfortably surf at home or access with the iPhone, iPad or Android smartphones on bookmarks and passwords also for other people or the Internet cafe computers.

Protecting Privacy

An important aspect in the network is guaranteed. In private mode, you move with “Firefox” on the Internet, without cookies, passwords, chronic downloaded files and other user data will be stored locally. In addition, the function blocked numerous services, which aims to identify and analyze the Web your behavior. Thank you for this option to protect your privacy, even if you are with several people share a computer or surfing in public places.


Use protection against tracking

In addition to the private mode, you can also prevent usually with “Firefox” create “tracking cookies” when needed. It may even be explicitly defined for each Web site passwords, cookies or location data may be held at all. Practical: The browser deletes when closing the automatic fixed elements, such as the list of visited pages Download Chronicle, cache, all form data or cookies. Similarly, the origin of the page is verified before loading. Therefore warns “Firefox” in front of the sites affected by the distribution of malware and other questionable practices. You will also have a warning if an attempt is made to install an add-on without permission.

Send Web pages on Facebook and Twitter

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter & Co. play an important role in the World Wide Web. With the appropriate extensions therefore sufficient “Firefox” one click to share an interesting piece in the Fund network with your online contacts. In addition to Facebook, you also post to Twitter, LinkedIn and Xing or write emails through Gmail or Yahoo Mail. Should it be even more comfortable, you can