Download Firefox 2015

Download Firefox 2015

“Download Firefox 2015”: New Version of Firefox download (see the following download links), the final version is available for Windows, OS X and is now available for Linux.

Firefox’s current version of the complete HTTP / 2 protocol is supported for the first time. New standard Download Firefox 2015 faster, more scalable and provides responsiveres web experience to the user. All changes and new features, of course, there are also denreleas Notes can be seen on the home page in Download Firefox 2015.

Usually Download Firefox 2015 is working on the optimization of resource requirements. Nicholas Nethercot the progress of the development group called memshr Link Group is a block of information regularly Led development. Developers informed on the overall performance improvements Taras glekke a blog.


New Firefox Sync

New Firefox Sync to create a Download Firefox 2015 Sync account and then requires all users to recreate your own browser. You can add and it will be easier to manage multiple devices. A blog post says In addition, the future is that it is an end-to-use encryption.
Especially on touchscreen devices – New user interface Australis browser not only computers, tablets and smartphones, said a unified view, but also easier to provide more clarity and services. New features currently open tab (while others fade into the background) and copy and paste, commonly used features in one place and a revised menu commands such as summarizing, highlighting plugins, tabs include curved.

New users easier than previous versions of Download Firefox 2015 vonstat Customize Mode should go through what their needs, you can set a personalized upcoming version of Download Firefox 2015. Example, to place there for faster access it is possible to draw the symbols from the menu on the toolbar. In addition, the pop-up menu by clicking the right edge of the button itself, can be customized.